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17.04.2018 05:23
Hello Sarah and Leon,

i miss the spezial from 2017.

Thanks for all. coolkiss
11.04.2018 13:50
The muddy waders and your story of the bird skeleton in the last series are great. The snow is just leaving the ground here so I will get out in the tidal mud and follow your good example.
06.04.2018 09:59
Emily has such beautiful legs and a sexy smile, it’s always a pleasure to see her. ;-)
Marc Carstens
04.04.2018 22:18
Plesse, we all will see Emily in a yellow raincoat, Friesennerz and black rubber boots.

29.03.2018 11:41
I love these Katzenbergervwwkkiew ob your beautifully legs, and this mud is wonderful as well, so sexy and hot.
07.03.2018 14:40
Hello Leon and Sarah,
Your latest post in LeChameau waders is one of my all-time favorites.
07.03.2018 11:31
Die neuen Fotos sind echt spitze
06.03.2018 13:13
Hallo Sara und Leon,

Ich wusste ja nicht dass unseren Passion so gefährlich sein könnte big grin glasses
03.03.2018 01:30
Very nice and beautiful photos, my favorite is Sarah in yellow raincoat. I love your yellow raincoat outfit. Please more from this. winklovekiss
28.02.2018 18:59
Since 2006 I have followed you and have many great pictures and video's from all the years. Although I am an amputee, wading in mud with boots is still my favorite pastime. My favorite pictures of you are when you are in waders.

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