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phil d
18.10.2018 11:58
Hi, Loved Wednesday's pictures,17,10,18, very sexy black latex with the blue boots, perfect if you need to relieve yourself while filming,muddy on the outside, warm and wet on the inside, very sexy.
28.09.2018 02:17
#695 - you wear some amazing rubber outfits! And it looks like you were well protected from the mud wink
Thanks for the great pictures.
13.09.2018 08:30
#693 Again and again you wear the most amazing outfits and those waders are to die for - what brand are they Sarah?

Hip deep in mud hey smile
07.09.2018 23:05
Wonderful outfit Sarah and the boots and pantyhose are a lovely combination under the beautiful Klepper mac. Thank you. smile
22.08.2018 12:51
😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 Wow rote Gummistiefel und dazu rote Flecken Handschuhe sexy ich liebe es 🌹🌹💕❤️
03.08.2018 00:37
#687 … Sarah, you look positively fabulous in the combination blue latex top, black latex mini skirt and pantyhose, which really do you justice. And what amazing mud to capture your boots - a little stuck perhaps! Thanks so much for a wonderful combination. Maria smilesmilesmile;
Pieter W.J.M.Smit
18.07.2018 21:43
Hi Sarah and Leon!
This week, week 29, you have make lovely pictures on the Boot site! Sarah, so I will you see; in your leather skirt and your RUBBERBOOTS waded in the mud! Sexy and lovely together! Leon nice pictures that you have made! Hopely in the future more from this pictures from Sarah in her miniskirt and BLACK RUBBERBOOTS! Thanks! Every week,I enjoy your pictures on the e-mail site! With amazing,but alsoo excellent with sexy and lovely waded in your RUBBERBOOTS! Your RUBBERBOOTSfan: Pieter from the Netherlands!
13.07.2018 06:02
Hallo Sarah und Leon,

endlich mal wieder sehr schöne und tolle Fotos im gelben Friesennerz, macht bitte weiter so.

Danke nochmals dafür. lovekiss

Gruß Marc
12.07.2018 00:22
I forgot to say - very attractive!
12.07.2018 00:20
If I could be excused for saying Sarah - your legs look incredibly with the combination of beautiful pantyhose, lovely fitting Hunter boots and the raincoat. Superb! Thank you smile

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