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09.04.2020 13:50
Hi S&L.

Great !! You know what this kind of crotch boots are made for !
Colin Ridd
02.04.2020 14:19
Just wanted to say that, email reply now received from Sarah & Leon, ALL is well, everything is now fine, it was just delay's in email system and my lack of patience.

Best wishes to Sarah & Leon
Stefan Heise
02.04.2020 07:36
❤️💕😍😻😻😘 Ich liebe latex über alles sehr tolle Bilder
01.04.2020 14:58
Hallo Ihr beiden. Heute wieder ein klasse Update ! Gute Idee! cool
01.04.2020 14:35
Hi Sarah & Leon,
Loving the latest batch of pictures, just for information, I have sent a couple of emails to your various contact email addresses, no reply received as yet, hoping everything is ok with you both, stay safe with the current situation, ps sorry if this is not the right place to post this
11.03.2020 16:14
Großartig wie immer ! Euer Harald, der diese Stiefel kennt.
06.03.2020 10:56
Your new pics are so exciting, just wow!
I love neoprene and wellies, especially in tasty mud. could wear it for days! i hope to see more from in neoprene in the future!!! you loki so good in it! oh, and I hope, 2020 will bring some manure adventures as well! :1)
Gummi Meister
05.03.2020 09:35
06.02.2020 10:25
I love your pics! And your new Feb 20 pics are pure awesomeness. Can’t get enough of them. You’re just so beautiful, and your legs are perfect.
Thx to you for doing this, and a happy new year to you both! ;-)
01.02.2020 03:31
Hi Leon and Sarah:
So good to see you continuing month after month to venture out and frolic in the mud!!! I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the beautiful catsuit outfit you wore in the Dec 25th edition- wonderful!!! Only way you could have improved on that would be to wear a pair of rubber crotch high boots from Fashion-Style- I was just wondering if you have worn any of their wonderful boots? Well, so nice to have the opportunity to say Hi and leave my best wishes! Take care.

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