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06.02.2020 10:25
I love your pics! And your new Feb 20 pics are pure awesomeness. Can’t get enough of them. You’re just so beautiful, and your legs are perfect.
Thx to you for doing this, and a happy new year to you both! ;-)
01.02.2020 03:31
Hi Leon and Sarah:
So good to see you continuing month after month to venture out and frolic in the mud!!! I just wanted to take a moment to comment on the beautiful catsuit outfit you wore in the Dec 25th edition- wonderful!!! Only way you could have improved on that would be to wear a pair of rubber crotch high boots from Fashion-Style- I was just wondering if you have worn any of their wonderful boots? Well, so nice to have the opportunity to say Hi and leave my best wishes! Take care.
08.01.2020 19:12
Hi Sarah and Leon
I have been a fan if yours since you first started and continue to this day. Sarah you are an incredibly beautiful lady and your personality comes through as being a lot of fun and that makes you incredibly sexy. I would like to know what the deepest you have been in mud and how deep would you like to go? Does sinking to your neck appeal to you if you knew it was safe and discreet?

Regards Gary
26.12.2019 11:46
Fröhliche Weihnachten euch beiden :-)
26.12.2019 10:30
Thank you Sara and Leon for your yearly advent calendar , always a joy . I wish you both a happy and healthy 2020 take has always love Iansmile
25.12.2019 05:09
For me personally,this is the photo of the year. Lady Sarah in her yellow raincoat, thank you very much and more of it please.coollovekiss
Pieter S.
22.12.2019 12:40
Hi Sarah and Leon! Every week I enjoy and every time your excellent pictures! Sarah you, in your LEATHER and RUBBERBOOTS in the mud and sometimes in WADERS! Leon good shots from your photograph and sometimes in video!
All a long time I follow your site as a good supporter. Hopely next year,2020, more beauty pictures from you Sarah in your boots! May be more in your miniskirt or in dress or others! Alas, I wish you both a merry Xmas and a happy,prosperity and luck New Year 2020! Greetings from your Sarah Bootsfan: Pieter S. from the Netherlands.
04.12.2019 20:42
I just thought I'd stop by to thank you for the wonderful content you provide! I have been coming to this site for well over 10 years now and I cant tell you how delighted I am every when I come back to see you still at it, Keep up the great work KT smile
27.11.2019 11:40
Hi Sara,
Wider schöne bilder und video's.
Ich schätze du hast endlich deine Pension angefangen, Ich sehe die lätze Zeit nur Bilder aus die Vergangenheid, shöne altere Bilder doch.
23.10.2019 14:46
very nice photos from Sarah in a beautiful perfect yellow Friesennerz. Please i want more of these photos with Sarah and his wonderful yellow Friesennerz Outfit. By the next photos Sarah, please lock to the camera.

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