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08.02.2017 21:36
I just loved your verbal description of wading through the mud on your latest post. Just reading it made me wish that I was there.
26.01.2017 22:04
Hallo Sara,
Es ist diese Woche wider ein sehr schönen Serie Photo's.
Habt Ihr Euch schon dass kleine weisse Häuschen am rande des Teiches gekauft für Ferienwhäuschen
Grüsse aus Holland wink
26.01.2017 20:53
Die fotos von 26.02. sind sehr schöne aufnahmen. Das Latex glänzt so schön spitze ich liebe es lovelovelove
25.01.2017 12:16
The new set of pics is so incredibly sexy. Your gorgeous as always, Sarah, so attractive and such a beautiful lady! And these waders are out of this world, as is this beautiful mud. Can't get enough of those pics!
18.01.2017 21:16
I always look forward to your posts every Wednesday. When you are wearing thigh waders, then its extra special.
16.01.2017 16:44
Also die neuen bilder super danke für die roten gummstiefel und handschuhe spitze kisslovelovekiss
04.01.2017 16:20
Please Please Please.... love
Make your AdventCalender open again, just for a week...please....
I completely forgot some days, because of vacation oh well
Thank you both for the greatest boot site on the net, Sarah are so beautiful and in latex/boots she's just a killer !
Happy NewYear
Jim J
03.01.2017 17:42
Happy New Year Sarah and Leon!! I have a question meaning to ask for so long. In 2014 you has a young lady assist named Emily. Did a fine assist to you, just wondered what ever happened to her. Cheers!!!
ian hey
26.12.2016 08:53
A big thank you for your lovely site it is always nice too check in when I can . I wish you a happy healthy and safe 2017 too you both . take care Iansmile
Pieter Smit
24.12.2016 14:49
Hi Sarah and Leon!
Every week and every moment I am enjoy your Boot Sarah your waded in the mud in your rubber and leather boots. Leon you make excellent pictures from your wife! Hopely that you both in 2017 more pictures to make it and Sarah I will you see more in miniskirt and ofcourse in your rubber and leather boots! What sexy is welcome from my site! Further I wish you both a merry CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY,PROSPERTY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2017! By the way;I am big fan from your site! Greetings and a big hug for Sarah and a shake hand for Leon from Pieter Smit from the Netherlands!

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